Embark on an amazing journey of breathtaking adventures, all catered privately and luxuriously.

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries offer dramatic landscapes of Fjords, Glaciers, Volcano, Forests and Water, creating an Eden for a unique mix of Flora and Fauna.

Scuba dive with Orca whales in Nordland, encounter Polar bears in Svalbard, and land a helicopter at a remote island or paraglide in the Fjords of Norway, Luxury Beyond can arrange it all.

Visit the charming and unique Tree Hotel in Sweden - stay in a cabin up in a tree. Come to Iceland and chase the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Climb into magnificent Lava Caves or try riding our famous Icelandic Horses.

Get an adrenaline rush riding a bike on top of Fjords or with champion bikers in Copenhagen. Restore harmony in the magnificent calm of remote islands in Stockholm or Geothermal spas “in the middle of nowhere” in Iceland.

Top Tour: Sweden’s Highest Mountain!

Create truly special memories and take time from your tour to hike Sweden's highest mountain with our trusted supplier! One foot in front of the other is all the effort you need to make. Total hiking time is about 12 hours. But if hiking to the top is enough effort for you it's no problem...we'll arrange a helicopter to pick you up from the summit!

Summer Sailing Day!

Set sail for a day in Stockholm's beautiful archipelago - adventure and luxury makes a wonderful combination!

Horseback riding

Experience the truly unique nature of the magnificent Icelandic Horse

Dogsledding in Finland

Howling dogs, racing speed, pristine nature and the wind in your face!

Winter wonderland!

Celebrate Christmas and traditional local lifestyle with family and friends in your own private villa - Lapland, Finland

Hiking in Landmannalaugar

Mix evenings at Reykjavik's most popular restaurants with day hikes outside the city to get a true sense of the wild Iceland. Add a visit to the Blue Lagoon and all your senses will thank you!

Explore yourself

Meditate with a view atop Skierfe Mountain, Sarek National Park, Sweden

Horseback riding in Sweden

Get closer to nature atop a horse


Go experience the wild- Norway