After all museums have been toured, all restaurants sampled and all stores shopped, when that special place where nature dwells in your heart awakens, allow us to guide you. Hike trails and mountains in Norway, learn about our wild nature and embrace it. All that wondrous beauty, that is the essence of Scandinavia. Our knowledgeable guides are there to assist you in every way possible, from being your cycling buddy along our beautiful Danish coastline, teaching you to drive your own dog sled team in Finland, to leading your relaxing outdoor yoga class surrounded by unforgettable views in northern Sweden. The natural beauty of the Nordic countries will live in your soul long after you return home.

Top Tour: Sweden’s Highest Mountain!

Create truly special memories and take time from your tour to hike Sweden's highest mountain with our trusted supplier! One foot in front of the other is all the effort you need to make. Total hiking time is about 12 hours. But if hiking to the top is enough effort for you it's no problem...we'll arrange a helicopter to pick you up from the summit!

Summer Sailing Day!

Set sail for a day in Stockholm's beautiful archipelago - adventure and luxury makes a wonderful combination!

Denmark’s countryside, a place to relax!

Visit the Roskilde fjord, with its amazing flora and fauna! Take the time to enjoy a biking tour during summer or a cozy hike during winter

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Take a boat ride on a glacier lagoon, and be amazed by nature's wonders!

Hiking in Landmannalaugar

Mix evenings at Reykjavik's most popular restaurants with day hikes outside the city to get a true sense of the wild Iceland. Add a visit to the Blue Lagoon and all your senses will thank you!

Sunset in Finland’s wilderness

Sit and let the sunset dazzle you, enjoy a moment at peace in the wild! - Lapland, Finland

Aurora Borealis

Be amazed by nature's spectacular light shows in Iceland